Saturday, October 24, 2020

Déja vu: Back in Sweden Again!

October 24, 2020

We've been back in Sweden for 3 weeks now.  We never thought we would be back.  The missionary department had been talking to us about going back to Africa sometime.  We had decided we would apply again next year and go wherever we were asked to go in the fall of 2021, possibly back to Africa somewhere.  So we began making plans for the upcoming year.

Then President Davis, the new mission president in the Sweden Stockholm Mission, phoned and said the brethren in Salt Lake City had given him permission to ask us to return.  What could we say?  The mission needed us and our visas to Sweden were still valid.  So we began scrambling to get the most important things done.  I told LeRon that I needed two months to get ready but I was able to do everything in two weeks.  That was definitely a miracle.

We left Calgary on September 30 and arrived in Sweden on Thursday, October 1st.  Back to the same office, the same flat, the same everything.  At least we knew what we needed to do and where we could shop for groceries.

Our picture will go back on the map in the stake president's office!  We are serving here -- in the Sweden Stockholm Mission.  Almost all other missionaries from the Taber Stake have been reassigned to Canada.

Our grandchildren who live close by are 9 months older than they were the last time we were in the stake president's office for a setting-apart blessing.  Nice to receive another priesthood blessing from President Mark Baldry before setting off on the next leg of our adventure.

We flew from Calgary to Montreal to Lisbon, Portugal.  I had a hard time finding the women's restrooms at the airport.  The signage is somewhat different from what we are used to!

From Lisbon, we flew to Stockholm, where President and Syster Davis met us at the airport.  We had worn masks all during our flights and in airports.  But as soon as we walked out of the airport, we took the masks off.  Very few people in Sweden wear masks.


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